Exclusive Small Group Tours

Small, Private Tours of the Nation’s Capitol

Experience D.C. Like Never Before

At Tiber Creek Private Tours, we specialize in creating unforgettable private tours for small groups. Whether you’re exploring with friends, colleagues, or special interest groups, our goal is to provide a personalized, immersive experience that showcases the best of the nation’s capital.


Our small group tours are tailored to your interests. Whether your group is interested in monuments and memorials, art, politics, or simply wants to see the highlights of D.C., we design the perfect itinerary just for you.


Travel in comfort and style with our premium transportation options. Choose from a variety of vehicles, from private tour buses to luxury cars, to ensure a smooth, comfortable experience as you explore the city.


We accommodate your group or family’s schedule, allowing you to tour D.C. at your own pace and convenience. That’s why we’re the perfect choice for busy professionals or groups with specific timing needs.


Enjoy exclusive access to some of D.C.’s hidden gems and lesser-known attractions. Our connections and expertise allow us to provide unique experiences that go beyond the typical tourist paths.


Take advantage of our VIP experiences, which can include private viewings, exclusive tours, and service at some of D.C.’s most prestigious locations. We go the extra mile to ensure your small group tour is a memorable experience.


Make the most of your corporate outing with our personalized tours. Whether your team wants to explore historic sites, visit innovative tech centers, or gain unique business insights, we design corporate tours of D.C. that match your interests and goals.

Explore Washington, D.C.’s iconic landmarks, historical sites, and hidden gems with our exclusive small group tours. Our private tours can include:

Visit the iconic landmarks that define Washington, D.C., such as the Lincoln Memorial and the World War II Memorial. Our expert D.C. tour guides will share the history and significance behind each monument.

Explore the array of museums D.C. has to offer, from the Smithsonian Institution’s renowned museums to the National Gallery of Art. Whether you’re interested in history, science, art, or all of the above, we plan your museum visits to ensure a captivating and personalized tour.

Delve into specific aspects of D.C.’s rich heritage with a themed tour. Choose from topics like the Civil War, political history, or art movements, and we can plan a focused, in-depth exploration of the city based on your theme.

Experience the magic of Washington, D.C. under the stars with our private nighttime tours. See the monuments and memorials beautifully illuminated, enjoy quieter streets, and get a unique perspective on the city’s landmarks after dark.

Participate in private tastings at D.C.’s top restaurants, explore vibrant food markets, or take a cooking class with a local chef. Your tour can be customized to experience the city’s culinary scene.

Recommended Stops for Your D.C. Trip:


Discover art spanning centuries in this gallery, like Monet’s “The Japanese Footbridge,” and Rodin’s “The Thinker.”


See the home and office of the president and learn its history. Discover the architecture, famous rooms, and the stories of the leaders who have lived here.


Explore artifacts that tell the story of America’s past, including the Star-Spangled Banner and the First Ladies’ Inaugural Gowns.


Witness the history of aviation and space exploration, from the Wright brothers to the Apollo moon landings.

It was a perfect trip. Well planned (and executed) itinerary. Top notch tour guide. Great transportation and driver. I would use them again and recommend them to all. Smart, interesting, fun, considerate, patient, flexible. We are still talking about the trip months later. Couldn’t be happier. A-plus.

-Scott Strauss