Tiber Creek Tours of DC Top 10 Tours Continued

"Never been here?" TCT's 'Gotta See' Top 10

5. Library of Congress – The largest library in the world; Thomas Jefferson’s original Declaration of Independence is here as well as many of the books he sold to seed the re-creation of the Library. One of the most beautiful buildings in Washington, DC, and should not be missed!

4. U.S. Supreme Court Tour – The Highest Court in the land; Lecture tours are available depending on the Courts schedule.

3. Ford’s Theater/ Peterson Boarding House Tour – President Lincoln’s assassination changed the course of American history. The artifacts in the museum and the Park Ranger’s vivid descriptions bring that horrible night to life. The Peterson House (across 10th Street) is where our 16th president died the next day.

2. Arlington National Cemetery – Perhaps the best known and most prestigious of all our National cemeteries, the well-known and Unknown are honored here. Over four million people visit the final resting place of Our Nation’s Heroes. American history meets personal sacrifice at this most sacred of places.

1. U.S. Capitol Building and Visitor’s Center Tour – This is the Crossroad of American History. Our past, present and future are determined in this most recognizable Temple of Democracy. Timed tours are available from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Saturday.

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